Extension of the Mallnow gas station

The European Commission awarded financial assistance from the European Union to GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. for implementing the project named “Extension of the Mallnow metering station to enable a physical reversal on the Yamal pipeline to Poland” within the trans-European energy networks (TEN-E) on 19 May 2014, by Decision C(2014)3432.

The Mallnow station was extended on the basis of an agreement between GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and GASCADE, which was signed in November 2012. The extension of the Mallnow station has enabled the achievement of a capacity for receiving up to 620,000 m3/h (which corresponds to approximately 5.5 billion m3 per year).

The completed extension of the metering station in Mallnow is contributing to the achievement of the objectives set out in the decisions of the European Commission regarding the implementation of the Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E) programme.

The co-financing of the investment amounted to EUR 400,000 (four hundred thousand).





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