Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline

Description of the investment

The aim of the project is the construction of the Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline, 267 km in length, located within the territory of zachodniopomorskie and pomorskie voivodships. 

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Investment costs

  • estimated value of the investment: 784.70 MM PLN
  • EU support from the OPI&E: 186.22 MM PLN


Press release

31.07.2015 - The Szczecin-Gdańsk Gas Pipeline obtained a permission for exploitation

31.03.2015 - Occupancy permits for subsequent stages of the Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline have been issued

27.11.2014 - The construction of the 1st phase of the Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline was completed

17.12.2012 - Increased EU funding for strategic investments of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

19.07.2012 - European Commission accepts UE financial support to GAZ-SYSTEM’s priority gas pipeline

10.05.2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed an agreement for construction works for the Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline, stages: 2 Karlino – Koszalin, 3 Koszalin – Słupsk and 4 Słupsk – Wiczlino

10.05.2012 - GAZ- SYSTEM S.A. is buying pipes for the construction of strategic gas pipelines

12.04. 2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed an agreement for construction work for the Szczecin-Gdańsk pipeline, Stage 1 Płoty-Karlino

29.02.2012 - The decision on the building permit for the gas pipeline on the Szczecin-Gdańsk route

17.02.2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. kupuje rury do budowy gazociągu Szczecin-Gdańsk



Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.

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