Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline

Project description

The project objective is to build a gas pipeline from Czeszów to Kiełczów of a length of approximately 33 km and a diameter of 1000 mm. The gas pipeline will be located in the Dolnośląskie Voivodship. Work on the design of the pipeline started in the third quarter of 2013, while the start of the project work is planned for the turn of 2016. 


The Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline is an element of the expansion of the transmission system in the Dolny Śląsk region and the planned investment programme related to the start-up of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, as well as the creation of a North-South Gas Corridor. The construction of the Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline is an important element in the reinforcement of Poland's energy security. Together with the other gas pipelines which will arise in the Dolny Śląsk region, the new segment with the highest operating parameters will allow for the transmission of larger quantities of gas in the transmission system and will constitute an element of the North-South corridor.

Investment costs

  • estimated investment value: 1.82 MM PLN
  • co-financing from OPI&E: 0.83 MM PLN

Project of Common Interest

In October 2013, the European Commission granted the status of the Project of Common Interest to the project. More information about the meaning of PCI status for the development of the gas transmission infrastructure is presented here and in the brochure on PCI projects.
GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. carries out the Czeszów - Kiełczów project without prejudice to rights of all stakeholders. Please, submit your notes, comments and questions concerning the Czeszów – Kiełczów project, which is the Project of Common Interest, via this form.

Press release

20.12.2013 - More than PLN 4.63 million from European Funds for GAZ-SYSTEM's subsequent investment projects



Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.



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