GAZ-SYSTEM: agreement with CHP Plant Czechnica signed

The company concluded an agreement with Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A. on the connection of a new gas and steam unit to the transmission network. This investment is of key importance for Wrocław and its surroundings. At the moment CHP Plant Czechnica produces energy by burning coal and biomass.

The agreement provides for the construction of a gas pipeline of the following diameters: 500 mm (approximately 4.7 km) and 300 mm (approximately 6.5 km) with fibre optic cable and gas station. The gas pipeline will connect a new Combined Heat and Power Plant Czechnica, which is being constructed by Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A., with the existing  GAZ-SYSTEM infrastructure.

The investment site is located in three municipalities: Oława, Domaniów and Siechnice. In most cases, the route of the planned gas pipeline will be arranged along the existing gas infrastructure. This will reduce interference with local zoning plans to the minimum necessary.

“Connecting the CHP Plant Czechnica to the GAZ-SYSTEM transmission network is yet another project that will make use of gas supplied through the LNG Terminal and the Baltic Pipe. With our help, the CHP plant will be able to benefit from a more environmentally friendly fuel - natural gas," said Artur Zawartko, Vice-President of the Management Board for GAZ-SYSTEM.

Changing the supply source to a gas-steam unit will significantly contribute to reducing emissions of substances harmful to the environment. The use of gas combustion technology will improve air quality in the region. Additional benefits include reduced vehicle traffic as the supply of coal and biomass to the existing CHP Plant Czechnica will cease. The problem of storing waste generated when burning solid fuels will also cease.

“Using modern technology, the National Power System will obtain energy from low-emission generation units which fulfil the criterion of emission performance significantly below 550 kg CO2/MWh, required by the European Union.  The new gas-steam unit featuring a total capacity of some 320 MWt, fuelled with the "blue fuel”, is expected to become operational in 2023," said Paweł Szczeszek, President of KOGENERACJA.

The technology based on gas combustion will improve air quality in the region. Emissions from combustion of solid fuels will be eliminated, as well as the nuisance associated with handling combustion by-products.

GAZ-SYSTEM plays a strategic role in the Polish economy. We are responsible for natural gas transmission and operate the most important gas pipelines in Poland. As part of the 2015-2025 investment programme, GAZ-SYSTEM plans to build over 2000 km of new gas pipelines in western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. Further development of the national transmission network, including the construction of new gas pipelines making part of the North-South Gas Corridor, as well as the construction of interconnections with the neighbouring countries, will strengthen Poland’s energy security and make an important contribution to the development of the European transmission system.

The Company is implementing one of the most important infrastructural projects in Poland – the Baltic Pipe project, which consists in the construction of a bidirectional offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland and Denmark and the expansion of the local transmission network.

GAZ-SYSTEM also owns Polskie LNG, the operator of the President Lech Kaczyński's LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.


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