GAZ-SYSTEM invests in the transmission system extension in southern Poland

GAZ-SYSTEMand Tractebel Engineering S.A.have concluded the contract for the development of the design of Oświęcim - Tworzeń gas pipeline and Tworzeń system station. These investment projects are a part of the planned Skoczów - Komorowice - Oświęcim - Tworzeń. The effects of the transmission system extension include the enhancement of the transmission system stability and assuring the possibility of gas supply to customers.

Signed contracts cover preparation of design documentation, including obtaining the environmental decision and decision on the determination of the investment project localization as well as building permits.

Under one of the signed contracts a design of the Oświęcim - Tworzeń gas pipeline with a diameter of 700 mm as well as the gas metering and pressure reducing system station in Oświęcim with capacity of 300 000 m3/h will be developed. Obtaining the building permit for this investment project is planned for the first quarter of the year 2021.

Tractebel Engineering S.A. will design Tworzeń gas metering and pressure reducing system station under a separate contract. This station will be built in Sławków district and it will enable to connect the transmission network currently built as a part of the North - South gas corridor and existing GAZ-SYSTEM conveying infrastructure. A pig launcher for connection with the Oświęcim - Tworzeń gas pipeline will be designed on the station. The design of the station shall enable its two-stage extension. In the first stage, the capacity of the station will amount to 200 000 m3/h, and in the second stage it will amount ultimately to 400 000 m3/h. GAZ-SYSTEM expects the designer to obtain the station building permit in April 2020.

Signing the contracts with Tractebel Engineering S.A. is the next stage of the completion of the planned Skoczów - Komorowice - Oświęcim - Tworzeń connection. Since December 2018, MGGP S.A. company prepares the basic and detailed design of this gas pipeline in the Skoczów - Komorowice - Oświęcim section. For this section, the investor has already obtained the decision on the determination of this investment project localization.

The Skoczów - Komorowice - Oświęcim - Tworzeń gas pipeline with gas system stations in Oświęcim and Sławków will constitute the important part of the transmission system, providing the gas supply for the customers from Śląskie and Małopolskie Voivodeship. The completion of the investment project and connection of this project with the Poland - Czech Republic interconnector, handed over for commercial operation in 2011, will influence the increase of the gas supply diversification and the integration with European energy market.


The construction design of Skoczów - Komorowice - Oświęcim - Tworzeń gas pipeline is being completed based on the provisions of the act of April 24, 2009 on investments in the scope of the liquefied natural gas regasification terminal in Świnoujście (consolidated text Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2302 as amended). The gas pipeline has been entered in the catalog of the investments accompanying the investment projects in the scope of the terminal, on the basis of the act of May 30, 2014 on the amendment to the act on investments in the scope of the liquefied natural gas regasification terminal in Świnoujście (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 906).

GAZ-SYSTEM is a strategic company for the Polish economy. It is responsible for the transmission of natural gas, manages the most important gas pipelines in Poland and owns the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.

As part of the 2015-2025 investment programme, GAZ-SYSTEM is constructing over 2000 km of new gas pipelines in the western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. Over a dozen new gas pipelines are under construction within the North-South Gas Corridor and the compressor station in Kędzierzyn Koźle, as well as interconnections with Lithuania and Slovakia. Onshore gas pipelines are planned to connect the planned FSRU floating terminal in the Gulf of Gdansk with the national transmission system. The LNG Terminal in Świnoujście is also being extended, as a result of which the regasification capacity of this facility will be increased by more than a half.

The company is also implementing one of the most important infrastructural projects in the country - the Baltic Pipe project which consists in the construction of a two-way offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland and Denmark, expansion of the local transmission network and three gas compressor stations.


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