Underground Gas Storage facility Damasławek

Underground Gas Storage facility Damasławek

As a result of dynamic changes on the domestic and European gas market, the company looks forward to extend its services and include gaseous fuel storage in its scope of business as well as build an underground natural gas storage facility in a rock salt deposit. 

The extension of the gas storing system is closely aligned with the anticipated increase in gas demand, anticipated new sources of supply and further liberalisation of the domestic gas market.   

In 2013, GAZ-SYSTEM obtained a license from the Minister of the Environment for prospecting the rock salt deposit in Damasławek salt dome for the purpose of future underground gas storing and determining the geological structure of the salt dome and its immediate surroundings.  
The planned location of the Underground Gas Storage facility is Damasławek salt dome of Damasławek in Kujawsko-Pomorskie province near the communes of Janowiec Wielkopolski and Żnin. 



Current progress of works

GAZ-SYSTEM is involved in analytical, research and design works with the purpose of determining the possibilities of building a cavern underground gas storage facility. The company has been focusing on geological, environmental and economic aspects of the planned investment, it is also involved in drafting the program and spatial concepts of the storage facilities, including the necessary water and brine pipelines. For the purposes of the project, the company runs a number of works, studies and evaluations with the support of national scientific institutes and research centers. 2015 saw some hydrogeological and geophysical studies being carried out (a series of seismic surveys). The results were evaluated in terms of the possibility of storing gaseous fuels.  

2018 saw the completion of exploratory boreholes drilling, which involved two boreholes - with the first borehole reaching the depth of 1979 meters, and the second - the depth of 1625 meters. Cores were collected from both boreholes in order to better recognise the geological structure, including chemical and physical properties of salts as well as hydrogeological conditions. Mechanical, leaching and chemical tests were carried out on selected cores, which will enable the company to obtain necessary and crucial information for the project. Preliminary results show that both boreholes are suitable for implementing an underground gas storage facility. 

When the research and prospecting works as well as economic and investment evaluation have been completed, GAZ-SYSTEM will decide on the investment.

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