Description of environmental impacts

The Polkowice–Żary gas pipeline is crossing the following areas protected under the Natura2000 European network of protected areas, i.e.:

  • PLH080068 “Dolina Dolnego Bobru” (a section of 150 m of the gas pipeline),
  • PLH080046 “Małomickie Łęgi” (a section of approximately 100 m of the gas pipeline).

A complete assessment procedure was carried out for the investment, taking into account impacts on the Natura2000 sites and the Investor has been obliged to:

  • perform the earth works within the „Dolina Dolnego Bobru” Natura2000 protected site exclusively by manual methods, shall the works be carried out near old tree stands and/or oak trees being the habitat of protected beetle species and carry out such works outside the amphibian breeding season, meaning with exception of the period from March 1 to May 31;
  • perform continuous inspection of the earth work excavations from perspective of animal protection (mainly amphibians and reptiles), including activities aimed at freeing them and transfer to safe distance locations;
  • perform the construction works along the section neighboring an active gravel pit (being a habitat of bank swallows (Riparia riparia)) near the Bóbr River – outside the bird breeding season – excluding the period between March 1 and August 31”;
  • apply a non-invasive drilling method for executing passage under the Bóbr River bottom – HDD – horizontal directional drilling technology.

In view of the application of the above and other measures to minimize the impacts, the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski recognized that the planned project will not cause significant negative impact on the subject of Natura2000 protection. This is expressed in the second paragraph of page 7 in the decision on environmental conditions for the project: „The expected impact of the project on the above-mentioned areas of protection, provided compliance with the measures recommended in the decision, shall not interfere with the habitats and species protected by these sites and shall not collide with the functions, for which they have been established. The key condition for limiting the potential for negative impact of the project on the Natura2000 site is the obligation to perform crossing of the Bóbr River using a non-invasive  drilling method (HDD method – horizontal directional drilling).”  


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