Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) Programme

The purpose of the FSRU Programme is to create an infrastructure that will enable the off-take of additional volumes of liquefied natural gas delivered by the sea road, their subsequent regasification and delivery  to the National Transmission System.

The Programme is aimed at the development of a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) in Gdańsk area, with the capabilities required for LNG unloading, in-process storage and regasification, as well as for additional services that may be provided. The project also includes the planned expansion of the national transmission system, which will enable the efficient distribution of gas from Gdańsk area to customers in Poland and in the region.

Depending on the assumptions adopted for the service delivery model, including, among others things, the assumed division of the terminal's capacity into Slots in which the regasification services or regasification services and additional services will be provided, the FSRU Terminal could be designed to provide regasification capacity at the level corresponding to about 6.1 billion m3 of natural gas per year. In addition, at this stage it is still assumed that the regasification capacity can be increased depending on market development and growth in demand for natural gas in the country and region.

Commissioning of the Programme is scheduled for 2027/2028.

Significance of the project

The FSRU Programme is in line with the Polish and European policy of ensuring the stability of economic development through access to new sources of gas imports to Poland. It is also a response to the growing demand for natural gas on the domestic market and in the CEE region

The investment will have a positive impact on the further development of efficiently functioning natural gas markets in the region and thus, by providing access to new sources of gas supply, and provide access to gas on more favourable price terms. Along with ensuring adequate diversification of gas supply sources, the attractiveness of this fuel in relation to other energy sources will increase in the energy markets, as the competition between market participants will increase.

A strategic project for the European Union

The FSRU Programme is included in the European Union's fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI list), published in March 2020 in the priority corridor:

  • 6. North-South gas interconnections in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe
    ('NSI East Gas')
  • 6.27 LNG Gdańsk (PL).

The PCI projects are key infrastructure projects that aim to increase the level of security in the European energy market. Their implementation is in line with Poland’s energy policy and the climate objectives of the European Union.

More information on the significance of the PCI status for the development of gas transmission infrastructure can be found in a dedicated section and in a brochure on PCI projects.

Project components

The investment project will include the engineering design process and, in the next stage, construction of infrastructure for receiving natural gas and transmission  through the National Transmission System. The implementation of the project will consist of several components:

1. Offshore part

  • Floating Storage and Regasification Unit and offshore part (DN1000) connecting the terminal with  Polish Transmission System to the first dry weld;
  • The engineering and construction of infrastructure required for berthing of the unit and gas off-take from the unit after regasification, including unloading facilities and ancillary systems;
  • Engineering and construction of an offshore gas pipeline to connect the above infrastructure to the transmission system;
  • Engineering and construction of new or expansion of existing onshore infrastructure that will ensure the capability to receive gas from the terminal and distribute it in the transmission system.

Domestic infrastructure expansion

For the capacity of the new terminal to be fully utilised the construction of new gas transmission pipelines is required. Currently, works in three investment projects are underway:

  • Kolnik – Gdańsk gas pipeline, length of approx. 35 km.
  • Gustorzyn - Wicko gas pipeline, section Gardeja - Kolnik length of approx. 86 km.
  • Gustorzyn - Wicko gas pipeline, section Gustorzyn - Gardeja with a length of approx. 128 km.

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