Gustorzyn-Wronów gas pipeline

Gustorzyn - Wronów gas pipeline
Stage I Gustorzyn-Leśniewice


Investment description

The aim of the project is to build a high pressure gas pipeline from Gustorzyn to Leśniewice, which will enable the transmission of increased volumes of gas to Warsaw and Łódź agglomerations, Radom and its surroundings, and to the south-eastern regions of the country. The planned investment will also have an impact on the development of local infrastructure.

Basic investment parameters:

- high pressure gas pipeline  
- diameter: 1000mm  
- working pressure: 8.4 MPa  
- length: approx. 60 kilometres         
- Stage: design
- Designer: OTS-IP Sp. z o.o.
- Expected date of completion of the investment - 2023


Gustorzyn-Leśniewice gas pipeline will be located in Kujawy-Pomerania and Mazovia provinces. The planned route will run through the territory of   18 communes.






- Improving the security and continuity of gas supply to distribution network operators and individual consumers connected to networks, taking into account the growing demand for gas, also for heating and domestic purposes;

- Development of local infrastructure, secure gas supplies to customers and the possibility of connecting new gas consumers to the transmission system;

- Reducing the congestion in the existing gas pipelines supplying the area of Warsaw, Łódź and Radom, which will significantly improve the operating security and create additional supply opportunities;

- Flexible operation of the transmission system in case of gas supply disruptions, or in case of complete interruption of deliveries from the east.

An important benefit for the local community will be the property tax paid annually by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. in the amount of up to 2% of the value of the gas pipeline section located within the commune. This will be a regular stream of revenue that can be used for the needs of local communities.

Legal basis

The project is being implemented under the Act of 24 April 2009 on investment projects related to the Świnoujście Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Terminal (consolidated wording: Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2302, as amended).

Information on payment of compensation

The investment’s implementation model based on the special-purpose gas act guarantees the payment of compensation to landowners whose properties are located along the gas pipeline route. The compensation payments are made according to an administrative procedure, under the supervision of the competent Voivode, at whose request an independent valuator prepares a valuation report that is the basis for determining the amount of compensation. After the completion of construction, the Voivode issues an administrative decision determining the amount of compensation.

Project of Common Interest

The European Commission granted the status of the Project of Common Interest to the project. More information about the meaning of PCI status for the development of the gas transmission infrastructure is presented here and in the brochure on PCI projects.

Please, submit your notes, comments and questions concerning the Gustorzyn Wronów, Stage I Gustorzyn-Leśniewice gas pipeline project, which is the Project of Common Interest, via this

Press information

14.10.2020 r. Gustorzyn-Wronow gas pipeline with a complete set of location decisions

09.01.2020  Consultation meetings for the municipalities: Włocławek, Brest Kujawski, Choceń, Kowal, Baruchowo, Gostynin

19.11.2019r. Social consultations  in the MUW

18.11.2019r. Social consultations in the ŁUW

18.09.2019r. - Gas pipeline Gustorzyn Wronów, Etap I Gustorzyn - Leśniewice with an enviromental decision

06.09.2019r. Social consultations in the KUPW

03.09.2018 -  Contract for the design of gas pipelines have been signed

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