Description of the Investment Project

Basic properties of the project:

  • high pressure gas pipeline
  • diameter: 700 mm
  • working pressure: 8.4 MPa
  • material: steel L485ME
  • length: approx. 41 km

The project will be located in West Pomerania province in the area of Goleniowski and Gryficki districts, in the following communes: Goleniów, Osina, Nowogard, Płoty.



The construction and execution design are being prepared by a consortium of companies: Biuro Projektów “NAFTA-GAZ” Sp. z o.o. and Górnicze Biuro Projektów “PANGAZ” Sp. z o.o.

One of the designer’s task is to obtain the official project location decision and the final building permit.
Completion of the design documentation and obtaining the building permit is planned in 2017.
Construction works are assumed to be completed in 2019.


The pipeline is one of the key projects aimed at enhancing national energy security, and its implementation will provide:

  • operative transmission of gas between Szczecin and Gdansk
  • creating a gas transmission pipeline element which will link the European markets in the Baltic Sea region diversification of gas supplies to the Polish transmission system
  • making land areas more attractive for new investments

An important benefit for the local community will be property tax paid annually by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. in the amount of 2% of the value of the gas pipeline section located within the commune. This will be a regular income for the budget that can be used for the needs of local communities.



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