The construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline is directly related to the implementation of the Baltic Pipe Project. As part of this investment, new gas pipelines will be built, and existing gas compressor stations will be extended. More information about the Baltic Pipe Project can be found at ww.baltic-pipe.eu

Description of the Investment

The investment will consist in the construction of a new gas pipeline between Goleniów and Lwówek, located along the existing Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline. The gas pipeline will be built in three voivodeships: West Pomerania, Lubuskie and Wielkopolska, in the following municipalities and communes: Goleniów, Maszewo, Stargard, Dolice, Przelewice, Pełczyce, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Zwierzyn, Santok, Deszczno, Skwierzyna, Przytoczna, Pszczew, Międzychód, and Lwówek.


The gas pipeline will be implemented in two stages:

  • 1st stage: A section of the Goleniów-Ciecierzyce gas pipeline with a length of approx. 122 km
  • 2nd stage: A section of the Ciecierzyce-Lwówek gas pipeline with a length of approx. 69 km.

The length of the gas pipeline planned for construction is approximately 191 km.

  • Diameter – DN 1000
  • MOP – 8.4 MPa

Investment implementation benefits

The new gas pipeline will enable to collect more gas coming from the Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline and the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście. The implementation of this investment will optimise the capacity of the Polish transmission system and will constitute an important element of the North-South Gas Corridor in Europe.

In addition, the Baltic Pipe Project, of which this investment is part, will strengthen Poland’s energy security. The construction of the new transmission infrastructure will also affect the development of the gas market and its competitiveness.

The annual taxes paid by GAZ-SYSTEM will be an important benefit for the municipalities and communes where the gas pipeline will be built.

Advancement of work

In December 2017, GAZ-SYSTEM concluded a contract with MGGP S.A. for the development of design documentation together with author’s supervision for the Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline.

The party responsible for developing the design was selected as a result of a tender procedure. Under the contract, the Designer will be obliged to obtain all necessary agreements, approvals, opinions, permits, and decisions, as well as to exercise author’s supervision of the investment. In the first quarter of 2020, it is planned to obtain a Building Permit Decision and the investment will be completed on 30 September 2022.

EU funding

The Baltic Pipe project – of which the investment consisting in the construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline is a part – is co-financed by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

Project of Common Interest

The Baltic Pipe Project has been recognised by the European Commission as a “Project of Common Interest” (PCI). The status is granted to infrastructure projects aimed at strengthening the European internal energy market, pursuing the EU’s energy policy objectives of providing affordable, secure, and renewable energy.

The PCI status highlights the role of the Baltic Pipe Project in the Baltic Sea Region and Central and Eastern Europe, its particular importance for increasing security and diversification of natural gas supplies in Europe and building an integrated and competitive gas market.

Pursuant to the EU Regulation 347/2013, the PCI status ensures streamlining of the planning and permitting process, and access to administrative bodies to obtain the required decisions. It shortens and simplifies the decision-making process and makes the process transparent and allows for public participation.

For more information on the importance of the PCI status for the development of gas transmission infrastructure, please see tab and the brochure dedicated to PCI projects.

Legal basis

The project is implemented pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 24 April 2009 on investments in the field of re-gasification terminal for liquefied natural gas in Świnoujście, Journal of Laws of 4 June 2009, as amended.

Public consultations

In June 2018, GAZ-SYSTEM held a series of consultation meetings in 15 municipalities and communes where the Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline is being designed. The meetings were open and addressed to all stakeholders. The purpose of the consultations was to provide information on the Baltic Pipe Project, including the planned Goleniów – Lwówek gas pipeline, as well as to prepare the local community for statutory environmental consultations. As a result of the meetings, the stakeholders were able to provide the Investor with comments and requests concerning the investment at the design stage, even before applying for the environmental decision.

GAZ-SYSTEM implements the investment in compliance with the rights of all stakeholders. We encourage you to comment and ask questions about the construction of the gas pipeline project, which was granted the Project of Common Interest status, using the form.

Environmental consultations

On 9 October 2018, the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski informed of instituting a proceeding to issue an Environmental Decision for the project entitled “Construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek DN 1000 Gas Pipeline”.

Documentation was developed for the Project, including an application for an environmental decision and an environmental impact report.

On 12 December 2018, the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski informed all stakeholders of the possibility of reading the Project documentation, submitting comments and applications within 30 days from the day of announcement, at the seat of Gorzów Wielkopolski Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.

We encourage you to read the announcement.

Issue of the environmental decision

On 4 February 2019, the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski issued the environmental decision No. WZŚ.420.140.2018.SL for the project entitled “Construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek DN 1000 Gas Pipeline”.

This has been the first environmental decision in the Baltic Pipe Project.


Press releases 

25.01.2019 Nearly 215 mln € of the European Union Financial assisitsnace for the Baltic Pipe constuction works.

19.12.2018 GAZ-SYSTEM will be the gas transmission system operator for the part of the Baltic Pipe infrastructure located in Denmark

30.11.2018 Final investment decisions for the Baltic Pipe Project are made

17.07.2018 UE grants another subsidy to Baltic Pipe under the CEF 2018

20.06.2018 GAZ-SYSTEM accept the recommended route variant of the Baltic Pipe pipeline

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