Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline

Description of the investment

The aim of the project is the construction of the Szczecin - Lwówek gas pipeline, which is 700 mm in diameter and 188.3 km in length, located in the territory of the zachodniopomorskie, wielkopolskie, lubuskie voivodships.


Route of the gas pipeline

  • zachodniopomorskie voivodship - municipalities: Goleniów, Maszewo, Stargard Szczeciński, Dolice, Przelewice, Pełczyce,
  • lubuskie voivodship - municipalities: Strzelce Krajeńskie, Zwierzyn, Santok, Deszczno, Skwierzyna, Przytoczna, Pszczew,
  • wielkopolskie voivodship - municipalities:Międzychód i Lwówek.



  • gas transmission from a new point of supply in the North to Central Poland,
  • the investment is closely related to the construction of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, which is of priority significance for the energy security of Poland.

Communes which have a gas pipeline running through their territory will obtain additional funding in the form of a property tax paid annually by the investor in the amount of 2% of the investment value located in the given Commune. This will be a sum that will regularly contribute to the Commune's budget and that can be allocated for the needs of the residents and local communities.


Investment costs 

  • estimated investment value: 556.71 MM PLN
  • co-financing from OPI&E: 164.78 MM PLN

Read more about co-financing the project by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.


Information about compensations

  • Zachodniopomorski Voivodship Office
     +48 91 4303 671
  • Wielkopolski Voivodship Office in Poznań
    +48 61 854 18 83
    +48 61 854 14 93
    Mr Gerard Jankowski +48 61 854 44 89


Press release

17.09.2015 Completion of the Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline finalizes the investment program of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

1.08.2012 - More GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. gas pipelines with approved EU co-funding

2.07.2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. selected the contractor of the Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline

14.06. 2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed a partial agreement for the supply of steel pipes for the Szczecin-Lwówek route gas pipeline

27.03.2012 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. has signed an investor's supervision contract over the construction of the Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline

27.03. 2012 - Decision regarding the building permit of the gas pipeline on the Szczecin-Lwówek route, the Gorzów Wielkopolski-Lwówek section

28.02.2012 - Decision on the building permit for the gas pipeline on the Szczecin-Lwówek route, on the Gorzów Wielkopolski-Lwówek section



Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.

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