Polkowice-Żary gas pipeline

Description of the investment

Polkowice-Żary gas pipeline which is 300 mm in diameter and 63,7 km in length, located in the territory of dolnośląskie - municipalities: Polkowice, Jerzmanowa, Radwanice, Gaworzyce and lubuskie voivodships - municipalities: Niegosławice, miasta i gminy Szprotawa, Małomice i Żary. The project is realized in two stages and is planned to be finished in 2016.

A Steering Committee has been established by the Dolnośląski Voivode to ensure the efficient performance of the investment, which comprises the representatives of the Infrastructure Department in the Voivodship Office, the Marshall's Office and the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.

Route of the gas pipeline

  • dolnośląskie voivodship - municipalities: Polkowice, Gaworzyce, Radwanice, Jerzmanowa,
  • lubuskie voivodship - municipalities: Niegosławice, Szprotawa, Małomice, Żary.



  •  the increase of capacity of the existing transmission system in the territory of the dolnośląskie voivodship and the lubuskie voivodship,
  • possibility of prevention emergency situations in gas supply,
  • increase attractiveness of the region in terms of new investment potential,
  • developing existing Special Economic Zones.

Communes which have a gas pipeline running through their territory will obtain additional funding in the form of a property tax paid annually by the investor in the amount of 2% of the investment value located in the given Commune. This will be a sum that will regularly contribute to the Commune's budget and that can be allocated for the needs of the residents and local communities.

Investment costs

  • estimated value of the investment: 110 MM PLN.

Information about compensations

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