Lasów-Jeleniów gas pipeline

Description of the investment

The purpose of the project was the construction of a gas pipeline from the Lasów hub to the Jeleniów gas compressor station, with a diameter of 700 mm and approximately 17.5 km in length.

On 20 May 2015, the Head of the Lower Silesia Province issued a decision on granting a permit for use of the Lasów-Jeleniów gas pipeline.

Route of the gas pipeline:

dolnoslaskie voivodship - municipalities: Pieńsk, Zgorzelec, Węgliniec, Nowogrodziec.

The gas pipeline will constitute a new connection of the gas transmission network at the Lasów hub, which is an entry point to the system from the German side. The final course of the gas pipeline will depend on the environmental possibilities and determinants.


  • the new connection will enable the future management of surplus gas from Germany to the Górny Śląsk area which is connected with diversification of gas supplies,
  • will ensure the connection of the Wierzchowice Underground Gas Storage with the Górny and Dolny Śląsk agglomeration,
  • the future increase of energy security,
  • improvement of reliability and flexibility of operations of the entire system in the Dolny Śląsk and Opole regions.


Press release

02.06.2015 - The Lasów-Jeleniów Gas Pipeline obtained a permit for use

08.12.2014 - Another large investment project of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. with the approved EU grant

17.08.2012 - The European Commission has awarded co-funding for the further modernisation of the transmission system in Lower Silesia


Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.

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