Hermanowice-Strachocina gas pipeline

Description of the investment
Basic parameters of the project:
• high pressure gas pipeline,
• diameter: 700 mm,
• working pressure: 8.4 MPa,
• length: approx. 72 km.

The design stage was completed in December 2015, with a full set of construction permits obtained.
The conceptual design, as well as the construction design and the detailed design have been drawn up by GAS STORAGE Poland sp.z o.o. (formerly: Operator System Magazynowania Spółka z.o.o.). Construction work has been performed by PGNiG Technologie S.A. Investor supervision was hold by MGGP S.A. company.

The construction was completed in April 2020.

Location of the project
The gas pipeline  is located in Podkarpackie province. It pass the territories of the following communes: Przemyśl, Fredropol, Ustrzyki Dolne, Bircza, Tyrawa Wołoska, Dydnia i Sanok.

Benefits resulting from the project
The investment will allow to take full advantage of the potential of Underground Gas Storage Strachocina. Furthermore, the cooperation between Polish national gas transmission system and new interconector Poland - Slovakia will be possible. The investment will be a significant part of the integration of Polish-Slovak gas transmission system, as well as Polish and Ukrainian, especially in the context of the planned construction of a new Poland-Ukraine gas pipeline. Hermanowice – Strachocina Gas Pipeline will be a significant element of the North-South Gas Corridor.

Completion of the project will result in the following:
• increased Poland's energy security,
• increased the capacity of the gas transmission system towards the West,
• shortened the route of transporting gaseous fuel,
• reduction the cost of gas transmission.

The property tax paid each year by GAZ-SYSTEM, equalling 2% of the value of the transmission infrastructure located within the territory of a given commune, will be considerable benefit for the local communities in question. The taxes will benefit the local budgets on a regular basis, and can be earmarked to address the needs of local communities.

Legal basis
The project is performed based on the provisions of the Act of 24 April 2009 on investment projects related to the liquefied natural gas re-gasification terminal in Świnoujście (consolidated wording: Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1554, as amended). The gas pipeline has been included in the catalogue of projects accompanying the terminal-related projects, pursuant to the Act of 30 May 2014 amending the Act on investment projects related to the liquefied natural gas re-gasification terminal in Świnoujście, and amending the Act on real estate management (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 906).

European Union subsidies
The plans assume that construction of the gas pipeline will be co-funded by the European Union under the 2014-2020 Infrastructure and Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment of the European Regional Development Fund.

Project of common interest
In October 2013, the European Commission classified the project as a Project of Common Interest and maintained this decision in next years 2015 and 2017. More information about the impact that PCI status on the development of gas transmission infrastructure may be found in this tab and in the brochure devoted to PCI projects.

GAZ-SYSTEM is implementing the Hermanowice - Strachocina Gas Pipeline project respecting the rights of all stakeholders. You are invited to submit your comments and remarks, and to ask questions regarding the Hermanowice - Strachocina Gas Pipeline project that has been classified as a community interest project, by using this form.

Information about the compensation payments
The owners of the properties through which the gas pipeline will run and which will be in its building and assembling belt, will receive a compensation. The amount of compensation is determined on the basis of the valuation report prepared by independent property appraisers. The compensation payments will be paid when the pipeline is done.

Project of Common Interest
In October 2013, the European Commission granted the status of the Project of Common Interest to the project. More information about the meaning of PCI status for the development of the gas transmission infrastructure is presented here and in the brochure on PCI projects. Subject to meeting additional requirments, the project might also be eligible for the EU funding under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which will apply under the European Union financial perspective 2014-2020.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. carries out the Hermanowice-Strachocina project without prejudice to rights of all stakeholders. Please, submit your notes, comments and questions concerning the Lwówek - Odolanów project, which is the Project of Common Interest, via this form.

Read about the financing the project by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found.

Press release

23.04.2020 Occupancy permit issued for Hermanowice-Strachocina gas pipeline

08.01.2018 Drilling under the San River completted

17.08.2017 HDD drilling under the San River began

23.02.2017 Construction works of Hermanowice-Strachocina Gas Pipeline has been started

09.01.2017 GAZ-SYSTEM: over PLN 1 billion in funding from the European Union in 2016

11.01.2016 Decision on the building permit for two gas pipelines of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

27.01.2015 Consultations regarding the list of Projects of Common Interest

21.02.2014 Projects of Common Interest (PCI) conducted by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.: publication of an information brochure

15.10.2013 Selected infrastructure projects of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. were awarded the status of projects of common interest (PCI)



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