Goleniów gas compressor station

Description of the investment

In Spring 2011, the gas compressor station in Goleniów was started up.

This investment which is being fulfilled by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is one of the elements of the development of the domestic transmission network and its connections with the systems of neighbouring countries in order to create an integrated gas market in the European Union.

On 19 October 2011, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. received the main prize in the INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR 2011 category: The Gas Compressor station in Goleniów, in the Commercial Competition of the Mayor of the zachodniopomorskie voivodship. The commercial competition was established to promote the most innovative projects and the most dynamically developing companies that have made a special contribution to the development of the economy in the region.


  • increasing the gasification scope in the region and supplying individual and industrial customers, including the Goleniów Industrial Park, with gas,
  • opening the network to the transport of increased volumes of gas coming from the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście to the domestic transmission network. The investment will have a significant role in the winter period when the transmission system is exposed to greater demand and constant gas transmissions have to be maintained,
  • with the Szczecin - Świnoujście gas pipeline – a significant element of the development of cross-border transmission infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region.

The investment (with the Świnoujście - Szczecin gas pipeline) in the future may become an element of the planned North-South Gas Corridor that would connect the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście with the planned LNG terminal in Croatia (referred to as the Adria Terminal) through states in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary).

Investment costs

  • cost of the investment: 14.23 MM EUR
  • co-financing from EEPR: 7.11 MM EUR

Read more about the co-financing the investment by European Union from European Energy Programme for Recovery.


Press releases

25.10.2011 - Gas compressor station in Goleniów - Investment of the year in the Western Pomeranian Voivodship

25.03.2011 - Visit of the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, to the gas compressor station in Goleniów




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