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Change of the period for submission of request under procedure of providing capacity


A new version of the Transmission Network Code (TNC) approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in decision No. DRR.WRG.4322.1.2019.AK1 from 26th March 2019 became applicable on 1st April 2019. Hence, in accordance...

The President of the Energy Regulation Office approved the Transmission Network Code (TNC)


The Transmission Network Code was approved by the Decision of the President of the ERO (URE) of 26 March 2019 (27th version).GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. adapted the provisions of the new version of the TNC to the changes arising out of the...

The ACER Board of Appeal Decision on gas capacity booking platform on German-Polish border


Board of Appeal of the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators published the decision taken as a result of appeal submitted from the ACER decision 11/2018. In the given decision, ACER has chosen GSA Platform as a booking...

Consultations concerning the draft amendment of the TNC of TGPS


GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. invites all interested parties to take part in the consultations of the draft of amendments to the Transmission Network Code of the Polish Section of the Transit Gas Pipeline System Jamal – Europe (the “TNC of...

Baltic Pipe- next stage of public consultation in Pomerania


On February 19, 2019, a public consultation took place in Niechorze and Trzebiatów regarding the construction of the Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline. The representatives of GAZ-SYSTEM discussed the technical, environmental,...

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