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President of the Energy Regulatory Office has approved the Transmission Network Code


By virtue of the decision of the President of the URE of 5 January 2021, the Transmission Network Code (TNC), regarding the national transmission system owned by Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., was approved (version...

The Summary of the Non-Binding Market Survey Concerning the GIPL is Published by Gas Transmission System Operators GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and AB Amber Grid


Gas Transmission System Operators GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and AB Amber Grid (TSOs) have published the summary of the Non-Binding Market Survey responses concerning the Gas Interconnection Poland – Lithuania (GIPL). The summary of...

GIIP - freely accessible platform for publication of REMIT inside information passed the first assessment phase by ACER


Gas Inside Information Platform (GIIP) is the first platform in Poland aimed at publishing REMIT inside information on natural gas ( The platform operates in accordance with REMIT and...

GAZ-SYSTEM has completed an important stage of the reconstruction of the Goleniów–Police gas pipeline


In November this year, the company completed the first stage of this investment. It involved the execution of HDD directional drill in the Intersect technology beneath the Odra River. “The economy of the West Pomeranian...

GAZ-SYSTEM has signed all contracts with contractors for the onshore and offshore parts of the Baltic Pipe project.


The Company has obtained all the administrative decisions and permits required for the project. In November, a several-months-long complex stage involving the selection of, negotiations and contracting with 40 key providers to be...

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