Gas transmission price calculator based on short-term contracts for Transit reverse flow

Gas transmission price calculator based on short-term contracts can only be used for estimating the gas transmission cost for the model client. The basic contractual period of transmission is one gas year. In the presence of the technical and economic conditions of the provision of transmission within short-term contracts, the TSO may conclude a short-term contract with the shipper on the conditions and within the periods specified in the Tariff.

The rates used in the calculator are valid until the decision of the President of ERO approving the new tariff. Currently pending litigation concerning President of ERO decision on the approval of a new tariff introducing new rates.

Length of short-term contract

Term of short-term contract


Contracted capacity at the off-take point [thousand kWh/day]

Contracted capacity [thousand kWh/day] = Contracted capacity [thousand kWh/year]/number of days in year[days]

Limited days at the entry point

Limited days at the exit point

The values calculated above refer to contract parameters, i.e.:
- pressure at atmospheric pressure - 0.101325 MPa
- temperature – 293.15 K (20ºC)

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