Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. actively monitors and analyzes information related to project support programmes related to the development of transmission infrastructure.

The investments of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. are either subsidized from or are planned to be subsidized from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020. 

Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 is a national programme to support low carbon economy, environmental protection, adaptation to climate change, transport and energy security. EU funds from the programme will be used also for investment in the health and cultural heritage areas. Version 1.0 of the Programme was approved by the European Commission Decision on 16 December 2014 (valid from 19 December 2014).

GAZ-SYSTEM has concluded financing agreements within the Infrastructure and Environment Operating Program 2014-2020, related to construction of two gas pipelines:Lwówek-Odolanów and Czeszów-Wierzchowice. In the first case, the subsidy amount to be acquired from the EU goes beyond PLN 472 million, whilst the latter is estimated to reach PLN 47.7 million.

The agreements, signed on September 30, 2016, were entered into with the Oil and Gas Institute  - the National Research Institute, acting as a unit implementing the Action 7.1 -  Development of intelligent systems for storage, transmission and distribution of power, priority axis VII – Enhancement of the energy security.

For more information about OPI&E support for GAZ-SYSTEM's investments, please visit the appropriate pages on our website.





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