Legal basis

The activity of Gas Transmission Operator GAZ – SYSTEM S.A. is regulated by a number of legislative acts, including in particular:

  • Energy Law of 10 April 1997 (consolidated text: Dz. U. 2021, item 716, as amended),
  • The Regulation of the Minster of Energy of 15 March 2018 concerning detailed principles of tariff design and calculation, and settlements in gas trade (Dz. U.  2021, item 280),
  • The Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 2 July 2010, on detailed conditions of gas system operations ( consolidated text: Dz. U. 2018,  item 1158 ),
  • The Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 26 April 2013 concerning the technical conditions to be met by gas networks (Dz. U. 2013, item 640),
  • Construction Law of 7 July 1994 (consolidated text: Dz. U. 2016, item 290, as amended),
  • The Act of 16 February 2007 on oil, oil products and natural gas reserves and the procedures in case of a threat to the national security of supply and disturbances in the oil market (Dz.U. 2020 item 1333, as amended),
  • The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 17 February 2021 on the method and procedure of introducing restrictions in the uptake of natural gas (Dz. U. 2021, item 549).

A comprehensive set of rules governing the use of the gas pipeline network is established by the Transmission Network Code (TNC).

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