Gas Interconnections Poland-Denmark/Poland-Lithuania

In June 2009 GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. held an Open Season Procedure with a view to assessing the interest of market participants in gas transmission through new planned interconnections (Poland - Denmark and Poland - Lithuania).

In phase 1 of the Open Season Procedure no non-binding orders for gas transmission through the planned bi-directional interconnectors between Poland and Denmark and between Poland and Lithuania were submitted.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. develops transmission infrastructure taking into account the demand of market participants, i.e. the companies interested in transporting the gas they purchase. In view of the fact that no orders for gas transmission through the planned interconnections were submitted within the required time limit, phase 2 of the Open Season Procedure was not started, and the Open Season Procedure itself was concluded after the first stage, without leading to any investment decisions.


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