Information Exchange System (IES)

The main goal of the Information Exchange System (IES) is publication of technical and commercial information on the website and exchange of such information between the Transmission System Operator (OSP) and market participants, such as customers which order the transmission services, distribution system operator, final recipients and entities interested in becoming connected to the transmission network managed by the Operator.

The IES implementation also follows the need to implement publication requirements contained in the Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 on conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks and repealing Regulation (EC) No. 1775/2005.

The Information Exchange System is logically divided into three zones:

The first one, the so-called Customer Zone, available upon authentication, allows access to data related to contract fulfilment and Customer services.

The second one, Publication Zone is available without logging in. This Zone includes information that is generally accessible on the Company’s website (

The third zone, Contract Zone is designed for internal users (GAZ-SYSTEM employees), who can access it as operators who carry out system tasks assigned with proper rights.

While designing the IES we focused on the security of the information exchanged. The system is available via a web browser. All the data is transmitted via a secure https protocol, with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Key functionalities of the IES include publication of:

  • information about the transmission capacity and short- and long-term forecast of that capacity,
  • transmission system maps,
  • works planned in the transmission system,
  • offers in the secondary market of transmission capacity trade,
  • quality parameters for the gas fuel transmitted.

In majority, the publications have already been launched on the GAZ-SYSTEM website, in the Transmission and Transit sections.

GAZ-SYSTEM Customers will be able to access information related to performance of their contracts, such as: 

  • access to applications filed, conditions issued and connection contracts signed,
  • access to applications filed and transmission contracts and annexes signed,
  • option to view and file nominations and renominations,
  • access to operational and billing data,
  • access to non-balancing status information,
  • access to the invoices.

 Click here to download the external user instructions

Click here to download the "Regulations governing the provision of services by electonic means of IES" valid from 01.02.2021

Click here to download IES user guide for nominations submitting

Download the nomination submission Excel form

Click here to download user guide for nomination file export from IES in XML format

Click here to download user guide for conversion of unbundled capacity into bundled capacity

Click here to download user guide for conversion of interruptible capacity into firm capacity

Click here to download user guide for use Compatibility View for IES in Windows Internet Explorer

Click here to download a registration form for the new system user in Information Exchange System

Click here to download the Power of Attorney to act in IES

Click here to download the Power of Attorney to register in IES

Click here to download the Power of Attorney for Administrator within organisation (AWO)

Informative clause concerning the personal data processing of Information Exchange System users.

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