TGPS Transmission Network Code

The English version of the TGPS Transmission Network Code (TNC) is available for information purposes only. In the event of any discrepancies arising between the TNC in the Polish language and the TNC in the English language, the provisions of the Polish language version shall be legally binding.

New version of TNC TGPS (in force from 1st April 2019)

Archival version:

  • TGPS TNC version 3 (in force as to 31st March 2019):

    President ERO decision nr DRR-4322-3(12)/2015/2016/AN

    TGPS TNC (pdf)

    TGPS TNC (pdf)

    • TGPS TNC version 2 (in force as to 29th February 2016):

     President ERO decision nr DRR-4322-6(5)/2013/2014/KGo1

    TGPS TNC (pdf)

    TGPS TNC (pdf)

    • TGPS TNC version 1 (in force as to 9th February 2014):

    President ERO decision no DPK-7111-2(4)/2011/AP

    TGPS TNC p.I


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