Interoperator Transmission Contract (ITC)

Below you can find model of Interoperator Transmission Contract (ITC):

Model of Interoperator Transmission Contract (ITC)

  General Terms and Conditionsv ITC - valid from 01.11.2020

 Annex to the Transmission Contract concerning capacity forecast

Above documents are available in Polish language only.

Financial security - model forms:

Promissory note

Promissory note declaration

Declaration of submission to enforcment


Model form of bank guarantee 

! Please note that the English version of the documents are only for preview. Entities submitting financial security should submit documents in Polish version.

Financial security of transmission contract in the form of cash deposit should be paid into the following bank account:

PL 94 1140 1977 0000 5803 0100 1031

mbank II Oddział Korporacyjny w Warszawie
Deposit transfer title: "financial security of the Transmission Contract No. ..." and the name of the entity

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