Workshops for the Gas Market Participants

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with presentations concerning the discussed during the workshops for for Gas Market Participants, organised by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A on 7 June 2016.

Presentation 1: TNC – changes in capacity allocation

Presentation 2: GSA Platform functioning according to CAM NC provisions

Presentation 3: Changes in the provisions of TNC and TNC TGPS  resulting from the implementation of BAL NC

Presentation 4: On-line execution of Transmission Contracts  and Capacity (PP) / Transmission Ability (PZ) Allocations

Presentation 5:  Information Exchange System

Presentation 6: Application of AS4 protocol according to Interoperability Network Code

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

Presentation 5

Presentation 6

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