On-line application submission

Following the entry into force of the approved Transmission Network Code (TNC) on 1st March 2016, starting from the 1st June 2016, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is launching a new service enabling system users to submit  the applications for transmission contract and to conclude an allocation of capacity (PP) and ability (PZ) electronically via Information Exchange System (IES).

As from 1st June 2016, a new TNC provisions introduce a number of improvements in the transmission contracting and capacity booking processes, including:

  • applications for transmission contract are submitted via the IES after registering in the IES;
  • conclusion or changing of the capacity allocation (PP) takes place in electronic form by providing access to  the electronic document in the IES by the TSO;
  • conclusion or changing of the transmission ability allocation (PZ) takes place in electronic form by providing access to the electronic document in the IES by the TSO.

As a result of the aforementioned changes, the entity applying for the execution of a transmission contract shall submit together with the application for transmission contract, the scans or copies thereof authenticated by individuals authorized to represent the entity (or a legal counsel or attorney), of the set of powers of attorney for the persons authorised to represent the entity in the procedure of concluding capacity allocation (PP) or ability allocation (PZ) via the IES. The above mentioned powers of attorney are necessary for conclusion of the capacity allocation (PP) or transmission ability allocation (PZ). Models of the powers of attorney to register or to act in the IES are available in the bookmark IES in the Customer zone .



To fill in the on-line request, please log in to the Information Exchange System (IES).

If you already have an account at IES Log in using your login and password

Register now, if you don’t have an account in the system yet.

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