Application for provision of the transmission service


The gas fuel transmission service is provided on the terms and within the scope set forth in the Energy Law, pursuant to a gas transmission service agreement.
The gas transmission service agreement is executed following submission and consideration of all dully completed application forms.

We kindly inform, that cccording to the Transmission Network Code (TNC) the submission of applications for transmission contract and to conclude an allocation of capacity (PP) and ability (PZ) and their analysis process take place by IES (Information Exchange System). For this purpose is necessary to submit an appropriate power of attorney, signed by the representative person in your organization, for the persons authorized to represent your organization in the above-mentioned procedures via the IES.

Download instructions (PDF) of electronic application for transmission contract and the PP, PZ and PP/PZ applications in Information Exchange System (IES)

Below you can find form of application for transmission capacity/ability allocation enabling data import in IES system due to electrionic application flow.

Download data import form of application for transmission capacity/ability allocation (PP/PZ)

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