Our Values

In wanting to ensure that the highest ethical standards are sustained, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. has devised a Code of Ethics together with its employees. The document defines the principles and conduct as well as the key values in designating the manner of taking actions and decisions in the company.

Our values include:

  • Responsibility  - we are guided by a responsible attitude towards our clients, interested parties and environment in which we operate.
  • Involvement  - we are fully engaged in the work and ventures that we undertake – we value the input of every single employee in our current and future success. 
  • Professionalism  - we are set on ensuring that out employees are fully professional – we want to fulfil goals first and foremost thanks to the continuous development and broadening of knowledge and skills and abilities of our employees. 
  • Team work  - we believe that high quality services can be provided through efficient cooperation which is why team work is promoted in the company. It requires an attitude of openness towards others and their ideas.
  • Respect  - we treat our partners and interested parties with the greatest esteem and respect. We always require integrity from one another.

The rules entailed in the code of ethics concern the media, participation in public life and lobbying, including employment and treatment of members of family of our employees as well as taking advantage of the company goodwill. The code also regulates issue connected with equal opportunities for professional development, presentation of personal view points and political convictions as well as the semblance and appearance in the workplace.

According to the provisions of the Code of Ethics, the company does not provide any backing or financial support to any political parties, organisations, and movements as well as to any persons involved in political activity.

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