Co-operation with the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Cracow

On 19 April 2010, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed an agreement with the AGH-University of Science and Technology that is performed in cooperation with the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas and the Faculty of Energy and Fuels.

The first joint initiative is to prepare a numerical laboratory for AGH University of Science and Technology students intended for the logistics and management of transmission networks based on an advanced simulator of gas flow in the networks. The software which is used in GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. on a daily basis enables calculations of all processes occurring in gas transmission systems.

It is important for GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. to ensure that students should have hands-on experience with practical tools. The AGH University of Science and Technology is the first university of technology cooperating with the Company as part of a long-term project of supporting pro-educational activities.

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