Gas Technologies from Australia, to be introduced in Poland - the country at the Vistula River

Sharing views and technological solutions are the main goal of the conference organized by GAZ-SYSTEM and the Embassy of Australia, attended by Australian and Polish companies operating in the gas industry.

- The gas industry in Central and Eastern Europe is considered one of the most promising sectors. Infrastructural investments, which are currently made, constitute a huge potential for implementing technological solutions, that have not been applied in our region yet. The projects performed by GAZ-SYSTEM, relating to the extension of the transmission infrastructure and the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, will turn Poland into an active and recognizable player on this market - said  Tomasz Stępień, CEO of GAZ-SYSTEM, at the „Focus on gas: linking Australia and Central & Eastern Europe” conference, held in Warsaw, on November 15, 2017.

Mr. Stępień, the CEO, highlighted that this has been the first event of this kind within the region, that aimed at sharing know-how on LNG technology between representatives of the Australian enterprises operating in the oil and gas industry and their potential partners from Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, he emphasized that the planned development of the LNG terminal will enable Poland to gain additional opportunities of receiving and transmitting of the gas, and increase competitiveness of the Polish facility.

- Basing upon the current technological progress, we are witnessing in the LNG industry, we may pick an optimum alternative on development of the infrastructure and services offered by the terminal - underlined Tomasz Stępień. In addition, he remarked that the extension of the Świnoujście-based terminal is a part of the flag investment, the Northern Gate, carried out by GAZ-SYSTEM. - This is a concept that, if implemented, will allow for diversification of gas delivery sources, not only when it comes to the Polish market, yet also to Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States - added up Mr. Stępień.

- We are extremely happy that the Australian industry is well represented at this important event.  Australia has a focus on innovation and technology and I believe there is potential for close cooperation between Australian and Central European companies - said Paul Wojciechowski, the Ambassador of Australia to  Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania.

The conference guests comprised representatives of the Polish and Australian state governments, including John Atkins – Agent General of Government, Western Australia, Piotr Naimski - Government Representative for Strategic Power Infrastructure as well as representatives of diplomatic missions and the largest companies from the region, operating in the natural gas industry.
Over the course of the conference some key investments, planned and implemented by GAZ-SYSTEM, including the extension of President Lech Kaczyński Terminal, in Świnoujście and the Baltic Pipe Project, were shown to the public.

The goal of the conference is, most of all, to deepen and tighten relations with the Australian businesses and present the development perspectives of the Polish and Australian natural gas markets. The meeting was also a platform to share expertise and know-how between the organizations from Australia and Central and Eastern Europe, running their businesses in gas and gas-related (incl. gas materials and devices, services, subsea construction, LNG sector) industries.

The participants had an opportunity to conduct B2B talks and learn on anticipated investments in the gas and LNG infrastructure, to be made in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


The President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal, based in Świnoujście, acting commercially since June 2016, has become a gate for deliveries of the liquefied natural gas, exported to the Customers in this part of Europe.  By far, the LNG Terminal has been already visited 22 times by tankers conveying  LNG from Qatar as well as Norway and the US.

The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructural project, aimed at establishing a new corridor for gas deliveries within the European market. It is going to contribute to the transport of gas from the resources located in Norway to Danish and Polish markets, as well as to the end users from the neighborhood countries. While conducting submarine works at the Baltic Pipe, GAZ-SYSTEM is going to be provided with the engineering support and expertise from Subsea Engineering Associates Pty Ltd (SEA), an Australian company, with the headquarters in Perth, that also took part in the conference.

Over the next few years GAZ-SYSTEM is going to focus on investments, that will enable it to rise capacity of the Polish natural gas transmission network and create technological conditions to transport gas from various sources and directions, also including an access to the global gas markets through an efficient use of the LNG Terminal, located at the Polish seashore.

The objective of this strategy is to enhance the energy security in Central and Eastern Europe and fulfill expectations of the Customers, for whom the access to the global LNG market is considered a chance to increase competitiveness and obtain more favorable prices.

According to the forecasts of the International Energy Agency, over the next few years Australia overtakes Qatar as an exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). It will affect considerably the entire global LNG market. 

GAZ-SYSTEM is a strategic company for the Polish economy. It is responsible for the transmission of natural gas, manages the most important gas pipelines in Poland and owns the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.

As part of the 2015-2025 investment programme, GAZ-SYSTEM is constructing over 2000 km of new gas pipelines in the western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. Over a dozen new gas pipelines are under construction within the North-South Gas Corridor and the compressor station in Kędzierzyn Koźle, as well as interconnections with Lithuania and Slovakia. Onshore gas pipelines are planned to connect the planned FSRU floating terminal in the Gulf of Gdansk with the national transmission system. The LNG Terminal in Świnoujście is also being extended, as a result of which the regasification capacity of this facility will be increased by more than a half.

The company is also implementing one of the most important infrastructural projects in the country - the Baltic Pipe project which consists in the construction of a two-way offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland and Denmark, expansion of the local transmission network and three gas compressor stations.


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