New product available at the Polish-Czech interconnector in Cieszyn

At the beginning of September 2012,  GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., in agreement with the Czech gas transmission operator NET4GAS, s.r.o., made day-ahead capacity available to market participants.

The new capacity at the Polish-Czech interconnector in Cieszyn is the response to market expectations and yet another action adapting the services offered to European Union guidelines. The offering of this type of capacity will enable the most optimal harnessing of the technical possibilities of this connection.

The Polish-Czech interconnector in Cieszyn was started-up at the end of 2011. In order for investment decisions to be made in the scope of this project, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and the Czech transmission system operator NET4GAS conducted coordinated capacity allocation procedures under non-discriminatory procedures at the turn of 2009 and 2010 also guaranteeing third party access (TPA) pursuant to the guidelines of ERGE-G (The European Regulators' Group for Electricity and Gas). The conducted procedure has lead to the conclusion of a transmission contract for a term of 15 years - practically for the entire capacity at this interconnector.


The Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is a strategic company wholly owned by the State Treasury, and is responsible for the transmission of natural gas in the entire territory of Poland. The Company manages assets worth approx. 5 bn PLN  comprising mainly the transmission system components, e.g. more than 9.8 thousand km of high pressure pipelines, 14 compressor stations, 56 hubs and 970 exit points. The company has over 2000 employees. GAZ-SYSTEM is also the sole shareholder of Polskie LNG S.A., a special-purpose vehicle established for the development of the LNG  in Swinoujście.

By 2014, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. will complete over 1,000 km of new transmission pipelines. The most important ones will be built in north-western and central Poland (Szczecin-Lwówek, Świnoujście-Szczecin, Szczecin-Gdańsk, Rembelszczyzna-Gustorzyn i Gustorzyn-Odolanów). The development of the gas transmission network in Poland may become an important element of the North - South Gas Corridor connecting the LNG  in Świnoujście with the planned LNG  in Croatia through the transmission infrastructure of Central European countries.

In 2011, GAZ–SYSTEM S.A. completed the construction of the Włocławek–Gdynia gas pipeline and gas compressor stations in Goleniów and in Jarosław. The Company has also started up the new Polish-Czech interconnector enabling the transmission of approx. 0.5 bcm of gas annually. GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. has also been developing gas pipelines in Lower Silesia to enable the off-take of increased amounts of gas from the western direction.  The capacity at the Lasów point on the Polish-German border presently amounts to 1.5 bcm annually (against the previous capacity of 0.9 bcm per year). The projects completed by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. in 2011, along with the availability of a virtual reverse flow service for the Yamal pipeline, resulted in incremental technical capability for the import of over 3.3 bcm of gas annually from new sources (approx. 30% of the current import volume).


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