Launching the procedure for considering transmission service applications at new entry point Cieszyn

In connection with the upcoming date of launching the new entry point to the transmission system at Cieszyn, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ–SYSTEM S.A. would like to inform you that in consultation with the Energy Regulatory Office, it is planned to launch in advance the procedure for considering applications for transmission services  to be provided through that point.

Applications for provision of the transmission service will be accepted from 07 July 2011 and examined under the procedure described in the Transmission Network Code, part I – General Terms of Using the Transmission Network.

Transmission services of gas fuel from the above-mentioned point will be provided under the current: TNC and the Tariff for Gas Transmission Services, on an interruptible basis, with the 4th level of certainty of gas delivery, and the date of their commencement will depend on the date of putting the Cieszyn entry point into operation.

Please visit our website  www.gaz-system.pl, the tab Draft pattern of transmission services agreement on an interruptible basis to access the standard transmission agreement.



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