Quality Management System

Quality Management System is applied with respect to:

  • customer service covering in particular: releasing public information, issuing conditions of connection to the transmission network, concluding connection agreements and agreements for transmission of gaseous fuels as well as providing settlement of services,
  • coordination and monitoring of preparation and implementation of investments meant as construction of  the LNG terminal,
  • assembly and welding works performed over contracting and repairing of high-pressure gas pipelines.

Our goals in quality management comprise:

  • establishing tight relations and cooperation with recipient of the services, so to identify clearly their needs,
  • fulfilling identified needs and requirements of Customers through implementation of well-defined quality goals by the employees,
  • collaborating on a permanent basis with providers, in order to be able to meet Customers’ requirements at the satisfactory level,
  • extending sustainably the technological potential and human resources, so to deliver high quality assembly and welding works,
  • providing services meeting statutory requirements on safety and quality standards,
  • rising competences of the employees in the field of quality management.



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