Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 27001

Information Security Management System is applied with respect to:

  • managing the transport of gaseous fuels through the transmission network across Poland. 

Our goals in information security management comprise:

  • ensuring security of information belonging to the company as well as information received from third parties cooperating with it,
  • defining transparently the tasks, authorizations and responsibilities of the employees and managers relating to information security, translating into a considerable growth of awareness among the staff in terms of information security,
  • ensuring that a particular information is available solely for authorized persons ,
  • ensuring that the information has not been altered since last authorized modification, or has not been removed uncontrollably (integrity),
  • providing an opportunity for the authorized person to use the information upon a reasonable request within a certain timeframe (availability),
  • the company protects information against unauthorized access, uncontrollable disclosure, multiplication,  unauthorized modification, destruction, loss, misuse or theft, applying an adequate technical, organizational and legal protection.




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