Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 27001

The Information Security Management System shall be applicable within the scope of management over natural gas transmission across the country, maintenance, modification, development, and provision of services on the GSA auction platform in accordance with the Declaration of Application, Issue 4 of 14/05/2019.

Our objectives in terms of information security management are the following:

  • ensuring the security of information belonging to the company, as well as of information provided by external entities being in cooperation with the company,
  • clear definition of tasks, rights, and responsibilities borne on employees and managers in the field of information security and thus – a significant increase in employees' awareness in the field of information protection,
  • ensuring that the information is available exclusively to persons who have been authorised to use thereof (confidentiality),
  • ensuring that information neither has been altered since the last authorised modification nor has been deleted in an uncontrolled manner (integrity),
  • ensuring that an authorised person may use the information upon a justified request within a specified time (availability),
  • the company protects its information against unauthorised access, uncontrolled disclosure, duplication, unauthorised modification, destruction, loss, misuse or theft, while using appropriate physical, technical, organisational, personal, as well as legal safeguards.

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