Environmental Protection Management

Environmental Management System is applied with respect to:

  • transmission of natural gas all over the country.

Environmental goals of GAZ-SYSTEM include:

  • enhancement of efficient management of the natural environment,
  • continuous improvement of the processes affecting the natural environment (e.g. those related to investments, repairs, maintenance, purchases),
  • minimization of the negative impact exerted upon the environment, to name in particular:
    - waste management,
    - water and sewage management,
    - emission of air pollution,
    - emission of noise,
  • protection of some species of fauna and flora,
  • rational use of media and resources,
  • full compliance with applicable regulations,
  • increase ecological awareness among the employees.

These goals are performed through:

  • using the best available techniques to reach high level of protection of the natural environment as a whole,
  •  limiting wastes,
  • monitoring water, air and soil contamination and ensuring compliance with acceptable emission standards,
  • restricting and keeping noise emission at the acceptable level within the best reachable technologies,
  • providing continuous compliance with the binding environmental protection laws and identifying permanently and tailoring the operations to new legal requirements,
  • attracting the employees to get involved into environmental initiatives, organizing trainings and ensuring an efficient flow of information relating to environmental commitments,
  • restoring natural elements.

Environemntal declaration of GAZ-SYSTEM

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