Business Continuity Management System in accordance with ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management System is applied with respect to:

Supervising the provision of services to Customers, including

  • issuing conditions of connection and transmission,
  • concluding connection agreements,
  • providing settlement of services,
  • maintaining, using, securing, monitoring and developing the infrastructure,
  • maintaining, modifying, developing and providing the services of the GSA Auction Platform.

Our goals in continuity management comprise:

  • identifying threats to continuity of transmission of natural and implementing preventive measures,
  • establishing emergency plans for critical processes relating to operation of the transmission system
  • testing on a periodical basis emergency plans, in order to provide a maximum capacity in cases of real failures,
  • providing work continuity of in cases of emergency,
  • strengthening the trust of business partners to gas transmission services, using supervision and business risk reduction methodology, in accordance with the latest standards,
  • providing security to the operation of the transmission system, being an element of the European gas pipeline transmission network.






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