Management Systems

As one of the European market leaders specializing the provision of natural gas transmission services, GAZ-SYSTEM strives to maintain quality and safety at work, respect the natural environment and maintain the security of information processed.

The efficient and effective management of these areas is embedded in the company strategy.

GAZ-SYSTEM implements the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 27001- Information Security Management System,
  • ISO/IEC 22301- Business Continuity Management System.

The areas of quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety management are managed in the company by original system solutions based on good practices, up-to-date solutions, experience and expert knowledge of the company's employees.

The basic objectives resulting from the company's strategy are:

  1. building the company's position through active involvement in the process of integration of the European gas market,
  2. ensuring security of the transmission system operation and maintaining continuity of transmission services,
  3. improving the operational and organizational efficiency of the company.

We achieve these objectives by:

  • establishing an organizational structure which defines responsibility for ensuring undisturbed and secure provision of the transmission service,
  • applying transparent rules of conduct described in regulations, procedures and instructions supported by ICT tools,
  • ensuring the continuity of critical processes according to the parameters agreed with the process owners,
  • testing of contingency plans to ensure they are up-to-date and useful,
  • conducting risk analyses on a regular basis and referring the results of risk analysis to documented criteria of risk acceptance,
  • implementing preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of disruption, its duration or impact on critical processes in the company,
  • integrating the national transmission system (NTS) into the European systems and enhance its transit function in the region,
  • developing the gas infrastructure and maintenance the transmission system equipment, system and networks in good operating condition,
  • increasing the level of security of the transmission system operation,
  • developing and implementing corporate governance and compliance, resulting in linking the activities carried out to the company strategy.


The mechanisms of continuous improvement that have been introduced to the Management System are decisive for its effectiveness, efficiency and will be used as an important element of company management. The Management Board of GAZ-SYSTEM undertakes to provide resources for the implementation of the policy and obliges all employees to abide by the assumptions of the Management System and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Management Board of the Company

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