The Second Gas Compressor Station in Greater Poland Launched

- Poland is undergoing the largest development of the gas transmission system in its history. The Compressor Station in Odolanów is one of the key elements of this process - said Artur Zawartko, the Vice President of GAZ-SYSTEM. The new compressor station is situated at the premises of the Odolanów transmission centre and it constitutes an element of the North-South Gas Corridor. The construction took nearly 5 years, and the value of the investment was ca. PLN 23 million. It is the 15th such facility in the Polish transmission system.

The Greater Poland Province Voivode noted that the investments in the energy security are of core importance for the stability of the entire state and the region. - The activities undertaken by our government are of special importance to the improvement of the security and the increase of the diversification of gas supplies not only in Poland, but also in our part of Europe. The energy security is the foundation of the stability and the independence of the state, and therefore it is so important to invest in the key projects improving and developing the energy related infrastructure - said the Greater Poland Province Voivode, Mr Zbigniew Hoffmann.

The completion of the Odolanów Compressor Station enables continuous collection of gas from Germany (through the entry point in Lasów near Zgorzelec), and forwarding of its surplus to the Underground Gas Storage Facility in Wierzchowice. It has also a positive impact on the flexibility of the centre operation, including, i.a., the possibility of collaboration of the compressor station with all the incoming and outgoing gas pipelines at the centre. - From now one, we are able to independently compress and transmit the surplus of gas to the underground storage facility, consequently improving the energy security of our state - added the Vice President Artur Zawartko.

The decision about the construction of the Odolanów Compressor Station was made in 2012. The new compressor station is an element of the North-South Gas Corridor, which as a target is supposed to interconnect the LNG terminal in Świnoujście with planned Adria LNG Terminal on the Krk Island in Croatia. This corridor is one of the priority initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe included in the European Infrastructure Package (EIP), and its main purpose will be to improve the energy security and to integrate the gas market in Europe. Additionally, the European Commission assigned to the compressor station built in Odolanów the status of “Project of Common Interest”, which means that it is of special importance to the improvement of the security and the diversification of natural gas supplies in Europe.

Further investments in Odolanów

At present, the construction of DN1000 Lwówek-Odolanów gas pipeline is under way, which will constitute the final element of the main line interconnecting the LNG terminal in Świnoujście with the Underground Gas Storage Facility in Wierzchowice and Mogilno. Its total length will be 168 km, and its route will cross the areas of 19 communes. In August, the construction of the 2nd stage, i.e. the 54 km long section interconnecting the Krobia and Odolanów centres will be completed. The anticipated completion date of the all construction works on the investment project is the 1st quarter of 2019. 

In longer therm, the expansion of the compressor station in Odolanów is planned for the purpose of the Baltic Pipe project. At present, this investment is at the design stage.






GAZ-SYSTEM plays a strategic role in the Polish economy. We are responsible for natural gas transmission and operate the most important gas pipelines in Poland. As part of the 2015-2025 investment programme, GAZ-SYSTEM plans to build over 2000 km of new gas pipelines in western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. Further development of the national transmission network, including the construction of new gas pipelines making part of the North-South Gas Corridor, as well as the construction of interconnections with the neighbouring countries, will strengthen Poland’s energy security and make an important contribution to the development of the European transmission system.

The Company is implementing one of the most important infrastructural projects in Poland – the Baltic Pipe project, which consists in the construction of a bidirectional offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland and Denmark and the expansion of the local transmission network.

GAZ-SYSTEM also owns Polskie LNG, the operator of the President Lech Kaczyński's LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.


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