Gas meter calibration laboratory

Description of the investment

The gas meter calibration laboratory at a working pressure is under construction in the gas compressor station in Hołowczyce. The gas meters will be calibrated at an innovative position, which will be capable of working both in an open and closed mode. The project is planned to be finished in 2014.

The task of the laboratory will be to calibrate all gas meters used for settlement purposes at pressure reduction stations (I and II stage).


  • reduction of unreliability in gas volume measurements in settlements with clients at entry and exit points to the system transmission,
  • increasing precision of designating the balancing difference.

Investment costs

Within the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013 (OP IE) the investment received co-funding in the full amount applied for: 607,825.53 PLN.

Read more about co-financing the project from Operational Programme Innovative Economy.


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