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Over PLN 73 million in EU funds for GAZ-SYSTEM for the next gas pipeline


Over PLN 73 million from European Union funds was procured by GAZ-SYSTEM for the construction of the Czeszów-Kiełczów pipeline. The new pipeline is an element of the expansion of the gas transfer system in Lower Silesia as well...

Completion of construction of one of the gas pipelines


GAZ-SYSTEM completed the construction of gas pipeline between Czeszów – Wierzchowice. Together with the remaining gas pipelines which are being built in Lower Silesia, this gas pipeline will facilitate transport of increased...

The 20th delivery of LNG to Poland


Nearly 4 million m3 of liquid natural gas – this is the amount of the raw material that has been received in the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal by far, counting as of the first delivery carried out in December 2015. On...

The second research borehole provided for the „Damasławek” gas warehouse


On September 7,  2017 the drilling works on the second reconnaissance borehole started off within the commune of Janowiec Wielkopolski. Drilling activities related to the first one have been carried out since the beginning...

Consultation of TNC amendments concerning the balancing tolerance level


GAZ-SYSTEM invites all market participants to take part in the consultation of an amendment to the Transmission Network Code (TNC) concerning a change of the imbalance tolerance level for the area of balancing the domestic...

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