TGPS Auctions

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. makes capacity allocations in Transit Gas Pipeline System acting as Transit Pipeline System Operator (OSGT).

The capacity allocation through TGPS auction

The capacity allocation through an auction is regulated in TGPS TNC.

The right of participation in an auction organized on GSA Platform shall be limited to the Auction Participants who fulfill requirements described here.

The participation in the auction shall be anonymous, and in the course of the auction, the identity of the Auction Participant shall be known exclusively to the OSGT.

Products offered within auctions

The allocation of firm capacity for yearly, quarterly and monthly products shall be made by the way of an auction according to TGPS TNC.

Auctions dates

Auctions are held on the dates published in the "Auctions schedule" on OSGT website.

Auction proceedings

Each auction begins at 9:00 am and lasts until 18:00 in all appropriate days.
The first round of bidding (R1) shall last three (3) hours; the next rounds (Rn) shall one hour each. There shall be breaks between the rounds that shall each time last one hour.

In the case when free capacity remains available at a given point after the completion of an auction for a given product, the OSGT shall offer this free capacity in the next auction for the product of the shorter period of binding.

If the sum of the capacity resulting from binding bids of all the Shippers is lower or equal to the capacity offered in the first bidding round, the OSGT shall close the auction and the value of Sos shall be equal to “0” (zero).

The value of Sos for the bidding round in which the auction is to be closed shall constitute the basis for calculating the fee for contractual congestion (OZO).

Bids submitting

Only Auction Participants may submit their bids (applications) in the auction. The bid may be made, changed or withdrawn until the end of bidding round (considered binding is the last bid on the end of round of bidding).
In the bid, the Auction Participant shall stipulate the following:

  • identity of the Auction Participant (anonymous for the other auction participants),
  • entry/exit point to which the bid refers,
  • product for which the bid is being made,
  • the quantity of the capacity for the given value of Sos for each of the bidding rounds presented by the OSP during the course of the auction.

In order to be eligible to participate in the next rounds of bidding (Rn) the bid must be made in the previous round of bidding (Rn-1). During the first bid the Auction Participant make a choice of the financial security form.

After closing the auction, the OSGT shall publish its final outcome, including the aggregate allocated capacity, Sos and the capacity available for the next auction. Individual data shall only be disclosed to the parties concerned, by electronic means and without unnecessary delay. The OSGT shall make the capacity allocation in accordance with the result of such an auction.

The OSGT may cancel the capacity allocation made through an auction reasons at any time, due to compelling. The OSGT shall inform the Participant and the President of ERO about the cancellation of the procedure stating the reasons for such cancellation and the expected date when the procedure is to be held again.

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