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  • First Aid Championships for the President's Cup in GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

    The Championships are one of the elements of the system of actions for greater occupational safety that are geared towards raising the level of knowledge and awareness of employees in the scope of OHS, as well as raising the level of knowledge in the scope of first aid to persons who had an accident or whose life of health is jeopardised.

    Teams from the company head quarters and divisions take part in the Championships and are divided into two parts: a first aid training and then competing with professional medical personnel.

  • Gift of Blood – Gift of Life

    The employees of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. have joined in the honorary blood donation campaign organised by the Krewniacy Foundation.

    The blood was donated in a special bloodmobile - a mobile blood collection bus under the name of  Pope John Paul II. The bloodmobile travels from place to place in Poland in cooperation with Regional Centre of Blood Donation and Blood Treatment (RCKiK), whose medical staff draw the blood from the donors. The blood is then passed on to the RCKiKs in the given region.

    A total number of 27 people took part in the campaign. We donated 12,150 ml of blood - 27 x 450 ml (1 unit). 1 unit of blood that is drawn from the donor can save the life of even three people. The blood that was donated by us has been passed on for the b benefit of potential casualties in accidents and persons undergoing operations in the region (there is somebody who needs a blood transfusion every minute in Poland).

  • Employees of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. at bone marrow stem cell storage centres

    A campaign was organised within the Company's social involvement strategy titled "Become a bone marrow stem cell donor - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. Employees at the Bone Marrow Stem Cell Storage Centre," in which 36 employees participated.

    Consultations with physicians were held within the campaign and blood samples were taken for HLA typing after which the employees could make their bone marrow stem cell donor declaration.



  • Regatta for the GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. President's Cup

    Employees from divisions and the Company head office took part in the regatta. Each team consisted of a maximum 5 people and the captain had a yachtsman certificate.

    During the regattas, six open regatta races (larger yachts) and in T-2 (sailboats).



  • International Futsal Tournament for the GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. President's Cup

    International Futsal Tournament for the GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. President's Cup has been organised since 2005. The employees of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and the representatives of customers and partner companies take part in the tournament.

    During the competition lasting several days, the best all-round player, the best goalkeeper and the top striker are chosen from the participants.

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