GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is characterised by a responsible attitude also in performing its investments.

Environmental decisions are prepared for all the gas pipelines under construction and their guidelines are meticulously implemented. The routes of the gas pipelines planned by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. are selected in such a way as to ensure that places where valuable species of plants and animals can be found will not be disturbed and protected habitats will not be destroyed. For this to be possible, potential collisions with flora and fauna are identified and prior to entry onto the construction site lengthy observations and surveillance is carried out (wildlife inventory). An example of exactly how they are applied is the Szczecin-Lwówek gas pipeline that completely by-passed the dense Barlin Forest complexes that is protected under the Natura 2000 European Ecology Network.

In situations when a collision cannot be avoided like when traversing watercourses, trenchless technologies are used when laying the gas pipelines (e.g. HDD), which enable trees and bushes to be saved from being cut down and animals are not disturbed and the territory does not have to be drained.

Apart from that, in marshy areas like peat bogs, gas pipelines are laid in undrained trenches so as not to drain the surrounding areas. A specially timed construction works schedule is also implemented which ensures that the works are conducted outside the breeding season of birds and all the technical equipment used minimises any negative impacts on the environment like underground blocking and bleeding systems or mufflers that limit noise pollution.

During the planned construction of the Polkowice-Żary gas pipeline, in order to minimise the negative impact of the project on the environment it has been decided that the highest quality materials will be used and the assembly line will be minimised in forests and in rural areas. In order to protect particularly valuable green areas trenchless technologies will be used and any necessary tree logging will be performed outside the breeding season.

The efficiency of all the measures to minimise the negative effects on the environment has been confirmed by lengthy surveillance lasting many years like, for instance, in the case of the currently designed Świnoujście-Szczecin gas pipeline, a five-year environmental surveillance programme was carried out.

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