Integrated Annual Report 2015

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HR Policy

HR Policy

In 2015, GAZ-SYSTEM approved the HR Policy which aims to ensure the appropriate and full use of the employees’ potential and their experience, providing for effective implementation of strategic goals, for instance through the improvement of strategic competences of employees or the implementation of initiatives aimed at the development of high-potential employees.

In addition, the HR Policy is designed to maintain a high level of employee motivation through an effective incentive system, building their personal commitment to the life of the company and development of the work culture based on a constructive dialogue and knowledge sharing.

The activities of GAZ-SYSTEM undertaken in the aforementioned areas are aimed at the development of the intellectual capital as a vital and sustainable resource of the company. At the same time, the HR Policy strengthens the image of GAZ-SYSTEM as an employer of choice, guaranteeing stable employment, which, in effect, ensures continued access to high-quality specialists.

Polskie LNG developed an independent competence model whose underlying assumption is that the organisation should continue to develop and focus on the satisfaction of customer needs, at the same time ensuring safe operation of installations.

The process of recruitment in the GAZ-SYSTEM Group is based on transparent provisions stipulated in the Employee Recruitment Procedure whose main assumption is offering a possibility of internal promotion to employees.

Taking care of the image of a reliable employer, the GAZ-SYSTEM Group offers employment based on contracts of employment, thus setting the industry standards.

All employees of GAZ-SYSTEM , regardless of their working time and type of contract are covered by the “Corporate Collective Labour Agreement of 8 March 2007 for Employees of Gas Transmission System Operator GAZ-SYSTEM Spółka Akcyjna”. The document sets forth the employee entitlements under the generally applicable labour regulations and additional benefits offered by the company. Any matters concerning employment and major organisational changes are subject to consultations with social partners. Even though Polskie LNG does not have a Corporate Collective Labour Agreement in place, the employer still consulted all changes in the organisation with the Representative of Employees.


Table: Employees
Category 2014 2015 explanation footnote ** 2015 explanation footnote ***
Total number of employees, of whom: 2,520 2,631 139
Women 624 672 47
Men 1,896 1,959 92
Head Office 490 552
Gdańsk 194 198
Poznań 348 354
Wrocław 295 303
Świerklany 222 225
Rembelszczyzna 364 379
Tarnów 607 620
Number of supervised personnel*explanation footnote, of whom: 197 225
Women 34 35
Men 163 190
Ratio of the number of persons employed under short-term contracts to the number of persons with employment contracts 0.95% 1.71%
Employees with employment contracts, of whom: 2,520 2,631 139
Full-time employees, of whom: 2,508 2,617 134
Women 619 664 46
Men 1,889 1,953 88
Part-time employees, of whom: 12 14 5
Women 5 8 1
Men 7 6 4
Employees with indefinite-term contracts, of whom: 2 331 2 448 116 or 136
Women 578 607 no data
Men 1 753 1 841 no data
Employees with definite–term contracts, of whom: 189 183 3
Women 46 65 no data
Men 143 118 no data
Persons engaged under short-term contracts, of whom: 23 35
Women 10 15
Men 13 20
Persons engaged under contracts on commission, of whom: 1 10
Women 0 6
Men 1 4

Return to footnote * in text Supervised personnel are persons who render work for GAZ-SYSTEM but are not the company's employees (e.g. cleaners, catering personnel and security guards).

Return to footnote ** in text For GAZ-SYSTEM.

Return to footnote *** in text For Polskie LNG.