Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Cooperation with suppliers

The implementation of a large investment plan involves the cooperation with a wide group of contractors for engineering and construction services as well as supervision inspectors. That is why GAZ-SYSTEM decided to actively shape the long-term relations with potential business partners.

With a view to building a responsible cooperation model at the stage of project engineering and execution, the company established general principles to define the standards of communication between design engineers, construction work contractors, investment supervision inspectors and local community. The documents set out the requirements for: the obligatory of communication activities at each stage of project implementation, definition and subsequent implementation of the plan for communication with local communities with regard to a planned/ongoing project, information meetings with representatives of local authorities in each of the communes along the pipeline route as well as regular reporting on the implementation of the communication plan. In addition, GAZ-SYSTEM organises communication workshops for representatives of companies engaged by the company.

In order to prepare potential contractors for the performance of their tasks, GAZ-SYSTEM holds information meetings during which the company presents its development, investment and maintenance plans, as well as the requirements concerning occupational safety, health protection, fire protection and communication with local communities. During such meetings, the role of contractors in the investment process is also discussed, starting from the submission of bid during the procurement process till project completion. Meetings have an interactive character and encourage the exchange of opinions and experience, thanks to which, in cooperation with contractors, optimum cooperation standards are developed. This helps both parties to ensure that tasks concerning the construction of new sections of gas pipelines are fulfilled efficiently and effectively.

Picture of Zbigniew Rzemiński Picture of Zbigniew Rzemiński

GAZ-SYSTEM keeps organising communication workshops with other Contractors for strategic gas pipeline projects within the scope of best practices of building relations with local authorities and landowners.

The training is conducted in a friendly manner and helps participants learn about the good communication practices at each stage of the project.

The adopted joint arrangements with respect to the creation of the project communication plan enable the application of standardised approaches to information disclosure and support good relations with local authorities and other stakeholders in individual communes where the pipeline investment is being carried out.

Practical exercises make a crucial part of the training, forcing the analysis of specific cases, discussion of behaviours in conflict situations, conversations with specific types of interlocutors and coping their reactions.

The initial contacts, serious attitude and creation of the atmosphere of trust between the parties, reliable information about the planned investment project, all yield future benefits during the pipeline construction phase.

Zbigniew Rzemiński Head of the Strategic Investments Department in Tarnów and Manager of the Pogórska Wola-Tworzeń Project

In its procurement activities GAZ-SYSTEM follows the applicable legal regulations (external and internal), respecting ethical principles, equal treatment of contractors, as well as fair competition. In 2015, the company conducted 1500 contract procurement procedures and awarded contracts to more than 600 contractors.

GAZ-SYSTEM continuously undertakes measures aimed at supporting competition in its procurement procedures while seeking to ensure transparency through communication with the supplier market.

In 2015, nearly 100 persons from 70 companies took part in open meetings organised by the company. Such an approach aims at better preparing prospective bidders for both the tenders and the subsequent contract performance, resulting in stronger competition and, at the same time, better quality of future cooperation.

At the same time, for the sake of improvement of day-to-day communication with suppliers, the Supplier's Zone, opens in new tab was established on the corporate website, gathering in one place all the information useful for potential suppliers, such as: information about current tenders, applicable quality standards and sample tender documents specifying typical quality and formal requirements.

Taking care to ensure a high level of competition, GAZ-SYSTEM expects high quality standards in the contracts executed for the company, and that is why:

Picture of Anna Bednarek Picture of Anna Bednarek

The contracts being implemented and the contractors are subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Each contract is assessed along 3 dimensions: quality, timeliness and relationship with the contracting entity. Continuous attention to quality of work is a guarantee that one will remain on the List of Reliable Suppliers, and a high position in the ranking means a chance to be awarded contracts in other investment projects of GAZ–SYSTEM.

Anna Bednarek Director of the Procurement Division, GAZ-SYSTEM

In addition, in order to better inform potential suppliers of initiated procurement proceedings, in 2015, GAZ-SYSTEM launched a new functionality which enables the automatic publication of tender announcements on the website , which is refreshed 3 times a day.