Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Supervisory Board

According to the Articles of Association of the company, the Supervisory Board of GAZ-SYSTEM is composed of 3 to 9 members who are appointed and recalled by the Shareholder Meeting, including one member elected from among the company's employees.

Members of the Supervisory Board serve for a term of three years. The responsibilities of the Supervisory Board include oversight over all the aspects of the company's activities, including the review of the Management Board's report on the company's operations and the financial statements for the previous financial year, as well as expressing opinion on long-term strategic plans, transmission network development plan, annual operational plans, two-year maintenance plans and three-year investment plans. The Supervisory Board meets at least once in every two months.

In 2015, the composition of the Supervisory Board was as follows:

  1. Jerzy Molak - Chairman (until 31.12.2015)
  2. Sławomir Kutyła - Vice Chairman (until 31.12.2015)
  3. Włodzimierz Wolski - Secretary
  4. Waldemar Kamrat - Member (until 1.10.2015)
  5. Jarosław Gniazdowski - Member (until 31.05.2015)
  6. Piotr Mateja - Member (until 31.12.2015)
  7. Paweł Pikus - Member
  8. Andrzej Herman - Member (until 31.12.2015)
  9. Władysław Kulczycki - Member (until 31.12.2015)
  10. Elwira Gross-Gołacka - Member (until 31.12.2015)

The current composition of the Supervisory Board:

  1. Andrzej Maria Herman - Chairman
  2. Wojciech Arkuszewski - Vice Chairman
  3. Włodzimierz Wolski - Secretary
  4. Krzysztof Ogonowski - Member
  5. Paweł Pikus - Member
  6. Dariusz Piotr Kocuń - Member
  7. Mariusz Andrzej Roman - Member