Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Service Offering

Service Offering

The core service provided by GAZ-SYSTEM is the transmission of gas over the transmission network throughout the country, in order to deliver gas to the distribution grid and end consumers connected to the transmission system.

The transmission service is provided on the basis of transmission contracts concluded between GAZ-SYSTEM and system users.

Under the contracts, the company provides long-term and short-term gas transmission services. The primary transmission service period is the gas year, in which (contracted) capacity is provided in equal volumes at all hours of the gas year. Short-term services may be provided for quarterly, monthly, daily and intra-day periods.

In case when firm capacity is not available, GAZ-SYSTEM can offer interruptible service at physical entry and exit points.

In 2015, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM provided gas transmission services through the domestic transmission system on the basis of 131 transmission contracts, including 23 Interoperator Transmission Contracts (ITC).

As the gas transmission system operator for the section of the Yamal –Europe gas pipeline located in the territory of the Republic of Poland, GAZ-SYSTEM also provided gas transmission services within the scope of the allocated capacity under 46 transmission contracts.

The company also provided gas odorisation service for 2 customers at 2 points.

Gas consumption by industry sector in 2015

Table: Gas consumption by industry sector in 2015
Industry sector Consumption [MWh]
chemical sector 28,878,258,519
fuel sector 10,995,274,352
power sector 6,370,669,767
metallurgy sector 3,714,258,826
mineral industry 2,224,026,567
electric industry 0