Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Completed and planned investment projects

Investments completed in 2015

Key projects implemented in 2015:

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Strategic Investment Departments (DIS)

Alignment of the organisational model for projects implemented in the investment area. The newly-established organisational units report directly to the Director of the Investment Division and are responsible for the management of projects which are of key importance for the development of the European gas transmission system. The standardisation of the operational structure in this area provides for application of the same quality parameters, shortens the decision-making process and facilitates the employee communication and management processes.

Investment Project Implementation System (SRPI)

The development and implementation of SRPI helps all participants to the investment process in following a uniform implementation approach based on proven models. The system is available via the Intranet and covers the whole investment process, from planning, through preparation to project execution stage. The purpose of the platform is to spread the best practices developed during the implementation of investment projects in the company, and to enable the publication of materials concerning the events organised by the Investment Division, including conferences and training sessions.

Training programme

Preparation and delivery by internal trainers of a training programme in the area of project management, starting from the process of investment planning, through the design and execution stage, up to the stage of completion and commissioning. Training is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of project teams, as well as of employees supporting projects.

Quality assurance system

Since the implementation of the key investment projects in the 2009-2014 perspective revealed a range of various obstacles, a systemic approach was taken to implement a quality assurance system with a view to minimising the consequences of project risks and providing for more accurate monitoring of works.