Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Infrastructure safety

The operation of transmission infrastructure is based on a standardised and structured approach.

The company has a collection of procedures and operating manuals jointly referred to as the Transmission Network Operating System (SESP). It describes the performance of operations within gas networks, starting from the handover of infrastructure from the development to operation phase, through standard checks, maintenance activities and specialist overhauls, up to the decommissioning of a transmission system component.

All these activities are planned under annual work schedules and implemented by the operator’s own maintenance teams or external contractors. Each year, the tasks completed and records made in respect of each transmission network component form the basis for the annual technical condition status report. Depending on the results, the network component is recommened for further use, or for renovation and/or modernisation.

In addition to conducting inspection activities under the TNOS, the operating parameters of the transmission network in terms of gas flow and pressure are subject to continuous 24/7 remote monitoring (24 hours) by the services responsible for system operation, i.e. the National Gas Dispatching Centre and its branches.

As a result of the conducted audit, in January 2015, the Supreme Audit Office issued a positive opinion on the supervision of GAZ-SYSTEM over the safety of the operated gas pipelines and new investment projects. The Supreme Audit Office concluded that the company had “comprehensive, coherent and well aligned internal regulations in place, regulating in detail the rules for the performance of works in the operated gas pipelines and accompanying equipment within the Transmission Network Operation System (TNOS). The compliance with the procedures is subject to regular internal audits and timely checks conducted by the company.”

During the reporting period, 172 projects were implemented, including maintenance, repairs and expansion of transmission installations. GAZ-SYSTEM carried out activities resulting from the obligations imposed by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office on the operator of the Polish section of the Yamal gas pipeline. In May 2015, as a result of a decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, GAZ-SYSTEM was awarded the certificate of independence in connection with the performance of the Independent System Operator's function for the Polish section of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline.

In 2015, operation units supported the preparations for the connection of the LNG Terminal to the operation within the Polish transmission system, carrying out works which involved the confirmation of the Terminal's readiness for commissioning from the point of view of the correct operation of pressure control equipment and devices for the measurement gas quantity and quality. The operational units were also involved in technical and final commissioning of equipment and installations. Support was also provided with regard to environmental and fire protection.